About Us

How We Got Started

First beginning in Loganville Georgia was one man, a ranch, and a dream. Founder Charles Stout wanted to provide sustainable produce for his local community without all of the additives that the everyday produce had. Disgusted by the chemicals that were allowed in “organic” food he decided to do something about it. ARG Foods was born to help combat a growing issue in society and became something even better. ARG Foods now serves their community and plan to expand to serve others.

        Our Mission

Our missions is to create a healthier more sustainable environment through chemical-less aquaponic farming, helping solve water shortages, yield more crops per square foot and provide tasty food to our customers!

It takes time and effort to change the way we have done things for centuries, but we here at ARG Foods are willing to start the battle and produce health and tasteful food in a more sustainable environment. We hope to bring that farm to table taste without the extras!

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