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We offer a wide variety of specialty produce for our diverse population. Our goal is to bring our backyard garden taste straight to your table. Taste the aquaponic difference and you will never go back!


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Our Produce


We offer a wide range of varieties, including baby lettuce, Butter lettuce, leaf lettuces and more. Baby Lettuces are immature versions of the traditional lettuce varieties picked at an earlier stage to be more tender and delicate.

Bok Choy

Bok choy, pak choi or pok choi is a type of Chinese cabbage. Chinensis varieties do not form heads and have green leaf blades with lighter bulbous bottoms instead, forming a cluster reminiscent of mustard greens. Chinensis varieties are popular in southern China and Southeast Asia. At ARG we grow fresh Bok Choy daily for all your Asian cooking needs.


The oyster mushroom, is a common edible mushroom. It was first cultivated in Germany as a subsistence measure during World War I and is now grown commercially around the world for food. It is related to the similarly cultivated king oyster mushroom. At ARG we grow fresh oyster mushrooms daily for all of your cooking needs.

Future Products

We are able to grow almost every vegetable through aquaponic growing. We add more to our selection due to popular demand. Longing for produce we don’t have? Contact us and we may grow it just for you! 

"The food tastes like it should, but with a certain brightness. And you feel good about what you're eating after you're done!"


– Karen Phillips, Client

"Aquaponic produce is feel good food!


– Andrea Borelli, Client

"Aquaponic produce is another way to set my restaurant apart from others by providing the freshness that others can't"


– Robert Best, Client

"I love supporting local businesses like ARG Foods that produce great quality produce at an affordable price!"


– Michelle Tayoma, Client